Cultivar: Itrana, Moraiolo, Leccino

Altitude: Hill and Mountain (150m/600m a.s.l.) Land : Pebbly

Cultivation system: Polyconic Vase

Planting Layout: 6 x 6

Harvest: Hand Picking

Milling: Olives picked and milled daily in the farm’s oil mill

Extraction: Amenduni cold pressed by continuous cycle.

To the eyes the oil has a beautiful intense golden yellow colour with delicate clear green shades. To the nose it is precise and embracing, it is endowed with notes of tomato of medium maturity, celery and black pepper, to which is added a broad vegetable sensation of artichokes, lettuce and chicory. In the mouth it is elegant, with herbal tones, mint, basil and sage in evidence. Balanced bitter and spicy. Perfect accompa- niment for antipasto, salad of chickpeas, marinade of yellowtail fish, potatoes in Al-foil, barley sauces, cous cous of vegetables, casserole of crustaceans, molluscs au gratin, baked poultry or lamb, goat’s cheese.
Package: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml Bottles. 500ml, 1L, 3L and 5L Cans.

Bottles 750, 500 ml

Bottles 250, 100 ml

Tin 500 ml, 1/3/5 lt